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Spiritual & Personal Growth Spell

Spiritual & Personal Growth Spell


These spells were made with ethically sourced, organic ingredients.

Not only crystals carry properties, but herbs too! To use your spell, treat it as you would a crystal. Keep it on you throughout the day, keep it at home where you will see it/exchange energy with it often, or open it up and use the crystals/ingredients in another way (ex: make tea)!


Himalayan Salt: finding purpose, letting go of negative emotions, brings selflove.

Juniper Berries: rids of toxic emotions, helps w/ overcoming obstacles, manifests success.

Chamomile: aids in personal growth, enhances intuition, increases manifestation abilities.

Rose: Brings inspiration, wisdom, healing.

Carnelian: Protects against misfortune, stimulates creativity, increases motivation for success.


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada




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