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Raw Fynchenite

Raw Fynchenite


Fynchenite (also known as Phoenix Stone) has inclusions of:

• Malachite

• Turquoise

• Chrysocolla

• Azurite


Chrysocolla - promotes self awareness and inner balance. It recharges and cleanses all chakras, while calming them and enabling them to work at their highest capacity.

Malachite - opens and cleanses all chakras. A great stone for breaking toxic patterns and removing you from negative environments. It enables growth, giving motivation and encouraging risk taking.

Turquoise - promotes stability and balance. Turquoise relieves anxiety and depression, while decreasing. exhaustion if you overwork yourself.

Azurite - for anyone who has been attracted to the idea of tapping into their own clairvoyance, connecting with their intuition, and seeking guidance from spirit guides – Azurite could be just the stone to open those doors. While the swirling blue stone may be best known for its cosmic connections, that doesn’t mean it falls short when serving the emotional and spiritual body too.


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada




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