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Coyote Teeth

Coyote Teeth


✨Left bottle contains 2 molars.

✨Right bottle contains 1 canine.

Be aware of the following before using animal remnants for magickal purposes…

Bones and teeth house powerful energy. Just as you would choose various plants or crystals for your workings based on their magical purposes—protection, love, money, etc.—animals also have magickal associations. Snake energy in magick is very different than, say, fox energy. Which part of the body a bone comes from can also play a role in this. For example, fangs from a coyote are useful for protection spells, whereas the baculum of a racoon is favored in spells concerning sex and attraction.


Bones and teeth should be honored. If you choose to incorporate the elements of earth, air, fire, and water into your altar, a bone can represent the fifth element of spirit. Because it belongs to a creature that has passed over, its spirit has traversed the afterlife and can access other planes of existence. Consider surrounding the bone with special candles, laying flowers before it, or lighting incense dedicated to it. This will create a relationship between the spirit of the bones and your own, and will enhance your witchcraft in new and interesting ways.


Bones and teeth need to be cleansed. Like other magickal tools, bones can gather up energy over time. If you're experienced with crystals, you already know the importance of clearing unwanted energy from an object. If a bone has been handled by many people on its journey to you or if the animal it came from died a traumatic death, it may have energy attached to it that will hinder your workings

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